Stark-Conde Field Blend


This aromatic white blend is crafted from a single vineyard block featuring a blend of four distinct grape varietals. The grapes were planted to create this exceptional combination: Roussanne and Viognier add richness and texture, while Chenin Blanc and Verdelho contribute bright fruit flavours and refreshing acidity. Delicately oaked and meticulously handled with care and natural practices, this unique wine showcases the best of each varietal, creating a beautifully balanced and expressive sensory experience.


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Product Description

Stark-Conde’s The Field Blend from the Jonkershoek Valley is an exquisite blend of Roussanne, Viognier, Chenin Blanc, and Verdelho. Carefully managed with a yield of 7.0 tons per hectare and aged in neutral oak barrels, this wine presents a lovely mouthfeel led by Roussanne, offering delicate floral notes and fine tannins on the palate. The 2022 vintage benefitted from optimal conditions, contributing to excellent fruit development and colour extraction. Crafted with grapes sourced from Jan Lui’s Field vineyard on the historic Oude Nektar farm, the blend comprises 58% Roussanne, 19% Chenin Blanc, 16% Viognier, and 7% Verdelho, resulting in a beautifully balanced flavour profile.

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