Muti Gin


In the rich tapestry of South African English, the word “muti” originates from the Zulu term “umuthi,” which translates to “tree” as represented by its root, “-thi”. For generations, traditional healers have harnessed the power of muti, using it to provide comfort and relief for a wide range of afflictions. From the extraordinary to the everyday, muti has been an integral part of African heritage.


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Drawing inspiration from the healing wonders of botanical remedies and our revered African tradition, Muti Gin came to be. This extraordinary gin is expertly distilled from an exquisite selection of the freshest umuthi, resulting in a citrus-style gin that is a mix of tradition with contemporary craftsmanship. Muti Gin has a rich, complex, and refreshing flavour profile that boasts a blend of zesty citrus notes and carefully selected botanicals.

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