Inyosi Natural Sweet White


This balanced off-dry white wine combines Chenin Blanc and Muscat d’Alexandrie (Hanepoot) grapes to create a refreshing blend. Chenin Blanc offers generous fruitiness and crisp acidity, while Muscat d’Alexandrie brings sweet, perfumed aromas to the mix.


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Product Description

Inyosi, a name derived from the South African word for “honey bee,” symbolises the vital role these pollinators play in nurturing the vineyards and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Just like the relationship between bees and flowers, Inyosi is a beautifully balanced off-dry white wine blending Chenin Blanc, celebrated for its fruity richness and lively acidity, with Muscat d’Alexandrie (Hanepoot), a grape known for its sweet, perfumed aroma. Experience the delightful fusion of flavours in every glass, inspired by nature’s delicate balance and the essence of the honey bee.

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