Cape Rock Red


Cape Rock Red wine is a blend that showcases the richness and complexity of Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Viognier. This combination results in a red wine that is both bold and refined. With Syrah dominating, this wine exhibits a deep red colour. On the palate, you’ll experience a variety of flavours, including dark berries, black pepper, and a subtle hint of floral notes from the Viognier.


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Product Description

Cape Rock Red wine is a delightful and balanced blend that showcases the best of its components. With a medium-bodied profile, this wine has soft and well-integrated tannins that give this wine a smooth and velvety texture.

The nose of the Cape Rock Red wine reveals a combination of plum, white pepper, and warm spice, while the addition of Viognier brings a touch of freshness and heightened aromatics to the blend.

Cape Rock Red is truly versatile when it comes to food pairings. It complements rich and hearty dishes such as lamb, game meats, and meaty stews. It also holds up well against firm cheeses, providing a contrast.

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