Cape Rock Carignan


Cape Rock Carignan is a wine crafted exclusively from the finest Carignan grapes. This exquisite red wine boasts a deep and vibrant colour, accompanied by an inviting aroma. Each sip of Cape Rock Carignan delivers a full-bodied and velvety texture, with smooth tannins and a lingering finish. With its 100% Carignan composition, this wine showcases the character of this exceptional grape varietal.


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Product Description

Cape Rock Carignan wine is a wonderful choice for those seeking a refreshing and fruity drinking experience. This light to medium-bodied wine delights the palate with subtle notes of cherry and earthy aromas. With soft and fine tannins, Cape Rock Carignan delivers a smooth mouthfeel that complements its low acidity.

While not intended for extensive ageing, this wine boasts fruity flavours making it the ideal companion for casual gatherings. This wine is best enjoyed chilled.

For a truly delightful pairing, Cape Rock Carignan perfectly complements a charcuterie board, firm cheeses, or a refreshing Mediterranean-style salad.

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